Thanks to all the "PEOPLE",
which support me somehow:


Gerd Freche A friend who brought me to the photography.
Hr.Kauska My dealer, who´s supporting me with good prices.
Fam. Klocke For all the support in many things.
Kay Norgall My closest friend since 1993, without him, many Pictures were never be composed !
Stefan Szymanski Without him, the "Emder" Gallery were never be composed !
Thank you too, for the correct names of your home places !
Foto-Team from "Saturn" Solingen I thank you all, for the fast and friendly customer service,
especially for "fast orders" and special whishes !
Gabi H@vellant for her open opinions and tips during her "Mailsupport" ;-) THANKS
my frinds which support and keep on motivating me in my work.
my Provider which support me with their free of charge Internet-Hosting-Service.
 !! my customers !! which support me, by buying my pictures !!

once again a simple "THANKS" to you all !!
with best regards, sincerely Uwe Reichmann

P.S.: the order of the list is no hierarchie !!

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