The equipment of Photo-Reichmann:



My first camera was a Yashica T5

( oh yes, some pictures were taken with this camera! )



Later I used the Canon EOS 5 with the following accessories:

28-105 mm 1:3,5-4,5

75-300 mm 1:4,0-5,6

50 mm 1:1,8

Flash: Metz 50

At the moment Im using the NIKON F5 an a Nikon F80 with these accessories:

35-70mm 3,3-4,5 (sold yet)

70-300mm 1:4,0-5,6 ED

80-200mm 1:2,8/AFS D-ED  !!

28-105 mm 1:3,5-4,5 D

20-35 mm 1:2,8 D(Sold yet)

17-35 mm 1:2,8 D AF-S

Flash: Metz 50

Teleconverter TC 20 E D

My Nikon F 5 is powered by Rayovac Batteries



Body MAMIYA 645 Pro TL


80mm 1:2,8

300mm 1:5,6

Zoom 55-110mm 1:4,5


AE Prismfinder FE 401 for the MAMIYA 645 Pro TL

Winder Grip WG 401 for the MAMIYA 645 Pro TL

of course ive owned the waist level finder "N"

Body MAMIYA RZ 67 Pro II


140mm 1:4,5 Macro

Zoom 100-200mm 1:5,2

50mm 1:4,5

Z 350mm 1:5,6 APO

Used  Films:

Fuji: Superia 200 and 400 ASA

Kodak: Gold 100 ASA, Ektapress 25

AGFA: Ultra 50

AGFA: Optima with different. sensitivities

Ilford: Super XP2 400, FP4 Plus 125

 Rollfilms (Slide and Negative material): 100/200 ASA from Fuji and Kodak

I carry my great equipment well protected by the Lowepro Street&Field System.


My Computer-equipment:

Pentium III at 500 MHz, 327 MB RAM

Scanner: AGFA Snapscan 1212 U

AMD Athlon at 1700 MHz, 1024 MB RAM

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