About me:


My name is Uwe Reichmann, born in Leverkusen, now i live in Switzerland.

I work in the world of Telecommunication.


In Summer 1996 i started to photograph.

At first i borrowed a Canon compact camera from my parents.

And this one i used till i bought my first own camera in march 1997 the Yashica T5

This camera was since then always at my side, 
but at the end of my time at the army i sold "her" to a fellow-soldier.

In December 1997 I buyed the Canon EOS 5, a very good camera which i could truly recommend.

But after a while my claim grewed, and i wanted something different, 
i could "satisfy" this claim with the NIKON F5.

Both cameras have their pros and cons, but i wont name them now.


The Telelenses are my favourite lenses. My absolute Favourite was the AFS-Nikkor 80-200mm / 1:2,8D-ED, 

Highspeed at highquality optical performance.

But to recommend too as a "always in service", is the AF-Nikkor 28-105mm / 1:3,5-4,5.
A good wide angle zoom with light tele focal length. 
It got a special Macro mode in the  50-105mm focal lenght and its offers to a scale till 1:2.

The  28-105mm is a real good "wool-milk-pig"   ;-)


Since a time I occupy myself with the Medium-Format.

A friend told me once: "If you once startet with the medium format, youll never like your 35mm Pictures...."        unfortunately, she was right... !! ( it will become expensive...!)


I exposed a few Photos with the 645 pro TL and i was really surprised about the Quality of this format, but this effect didnt come across in the 11th. Gallery... not really...

In the end of 2000 Ive bought another Mamiya, the Mamiya RZ 67  - The more bigger format and quality !

FAQ: What do you think about digital photography !?

I dont like the digital photography at this time. If you going to post something very fast into the internet,there will be nothing else wich is better,
but if you going to order a poster from your super shot, you got a real "BIG" problem, the low resolution of those pictures...
But this will change during the next years and so i will wait till i get more performance and quality for my money ! (LOL, that was my opinion in 2004)

but now we go ahead:

I prefer to photograph landscape scenerys and citys at night, and i like Portraits too,
and when ive overtaken some approvals, a Portrait gallery will be implemented...

When im photographing Portraits, id rather prefer the available light, a flash isnt good at all...
...he might "flash" away some nice moods...

Ive already photographed some marriages, to the full satisfaction of my customers.


My Hobbys are: photographing, riding my bike, meeting friends, cooking and watching movies.



If you got any further questions to my person, dont hesitate to ask me: webmaster@photo-reichmann.de


With best regards,

Uwe Reichmann


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